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Sunday 11 April 2010

Waking Up In The Land of Glitter

I'm the kind of person who always has a 'To Do' list the same size as my height. I even have a separate 'To Do When I'm Ill' list to the extent that I wish I was ill just so I could do some of those things - they tend to be the fun stuff that I wish I could do every day but feel guilty doing them as I should be working instead. Well this weekend I actually fell ill and so rather than doing my usual 
( I had three articles to write) I decided to turn off my computer and head to bed with a good book - No 1 on my list of things to do when I'm ill!

Reading 'Waking Up in Land of Glitter' made being ill so worthwhile - it is a truly inspirational book and has given me a whole new motivation and energy for life. Sometime I am so caught up in deadlines and paying bills  that I forget to stand back and do things like appreciate my friends and indulge in what I love doing most which is making stuff and this book reminded me of those things.

It is written by my all time craft heroine The Crafty Chica, Kathy Cano-Murillo. She is an absolute legend of the craft world and everything I aspire to be. She's a writer and artist and like me a sexy Saggitarian, the author of several fantastic craft books, hosts crafty TV, sells her own range of crafty projects, runs crafty holidays, has two children and 5 pets and has managed to squeeze in writing craft themed fiction, which is what this is. 

A book about three women who all have different relationships with crafts and it follows their friendship, love and family lives. It's a truly complete novel, all tied up with no loose ends - a vivid insight into characters who just seem so real. The attention to craft detail is so endearing, the craft references are in every page of the book and it's so exciting and enticing to read.

I have wondered many times if I could ever write crafty fiction - it's always appealed, I've written some drafts but nothing I would ever want to share with anyone. But looking at Kathy's writing blog which she runs alongside her fabulous crafty blog I feel so inspired. She has just finished her second crafty novel which she sat down and wrote in a mere few weeks just through sheer determination and discipline. You always hear people say things like 'anythings possible', 'if you work hard you'll really achieve your dreams' etc and it sounds so cliched but so what, it's better to be inspired by such positivity then not try and be who you want to be.

I feel proud to have this book on my shelf, and I aim to bring myself back to it every time I have any self doubt. I have goals and ambitions and  when they seem a million miles away I'm going to think of Kathy's dedication for the book 'to all the creative individuals out there who have a vision to do something great. Whether it's on a public or private scale, I hope that the characters in this book will inspire you to reach your goals....remember no idea is too big or too crazy.'

Thanks Kathy x

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  1. Thanks for sharing this, I never even heard of craft fiction novels before. I'll be sure to check this one out from the library and to also check out ther blog.