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Sunday 6 March 2011

Introducing Miss Pricklesworth...

My African Pygmy Hedgehog is now eight weeks old...it's a tricky time for her, as just like babies start teething which is painful, Miss Pricklesworth (also known as Miss P) looses her first spikes. This can take a couple of weeks or a couple of months,  it's horrible and makes her feel grumpy. She hasn't entered this stage yet but I'm guessing it's about to start.

Alot of people wonder whether you can stroke a hedgehog and what I've read and am discovering is that the more you hold her the 'tamer' she is and doesn't put her spikes up, when they are flat she's perfectly happy to be handled and is very playful. She is infact very friendly and as I write this, is running around my floor, and exploring all the hideaway places in my room like under the bookshelf, sewing machine table and amongst my ever growing tower of magazines. Infact she was so affectionate a few minutes ago that she did  a big number two followed by a number 1 right on me...ah the perils of owning a hedgehog. I just can't get her to litter train! She eats catfood and should use cat litter but she's not taking to it! Lucky she is so cute that I can forgive her very easily.

She has a particular love for tickling Matt. In fact she likes Matt's alot and even has an attachment to my neighbour also called Matt who's cardigan pockets she likes to hide away in. 
One of the most amusing things about hedgehogs is the way their little snouts are always sniffing out new scents. When they find one they particularly like they start self anointing which involves licking what they've discovered  and then licking themselves which creates a white foam - just like washing up liquid. It's most peculiar yet very exciting when it happens.  She's so far done this licking the back of a picture frame, inside a muddy bag and the base of the metal lamp in the living room.

Miss P is my first pet and so far a very lovely creature to have around, no problems, no fuss, just very, very sweet.

If you fancy finding out more or getting one yourself, then contact Kelly at Fragglewood Hedgehogs, a specialist breeder in Essex where I found her. More updates to follow!

1 comment:

  1. Ha i see this was the pet you were speaking of, Très cute and i imagine its so much handier and simpler than having a cat or dog