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Sunday 3 April 2011

Death by chocolate...I've just experienced it

No this is not a giant flake cake from Pimp That Snack!, it is Nigella's Quadrauple Chocolate cake, baked last night by my friend Janine and 15 hours on from eating a 1/4  of it, I am still experiencing the after effects. I can honestly say I have never in my life had such a chocolate overload and I have had a lot of chocolate!

One time at university I  took part in a paid experiment where over the course of two weeks I had to eat chocolate until I had my fill every day at an allotted time AND I worked a Mars for a a few months where I ate free chocolate every day (the joy of a freshly cooked Bounty bar...hmmm those where the days.)

Yet this monster was the most indulgent thing I've ever eaten, especially as I went in for two slices...

It's quadrauple because it's made of cocoa and chocolate chips, and is then drizzled in chocolate sauce and topped with flaked chocolate. Inside it was so moist is was almost like drinking melted chocolate. 

As for experiencing death by chocolate it actually felt my body was made of chocolate, like I was a living breathing chocolate statue (I could barely move!). I haven't been able to eat anything since then and normally I can't function without breakfast. While I was asleep I could even feel my body expanding....but it was soooooo worth it, words can't describe how delicious it was and I call myself a writer....the irony is we halved the ingredients in her recipe to make it smaller and yet it was still so ridiculously rich and tasty.

Presently I cannot imagine ever eating chocolate again, I'm sure I've had at least a year's supply in one go and I'm still feeling like my blood has turned into chocolate milkshake.

If you consider yourself to be a chocoholic, you must try this recipe, there's no two ways about it!!

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