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Monday 27 February 2012

Tutorial: How to make a Mexican Chilli Bangle

Too hot to handle!
For me, chilli's are the most iconic motif of Mexican & Latino culture. Not just because they feature in the cuisine (one of my fave holiday memories is eating fresh mango sprinkled with chilli powder on the street markets of Mexico) but because they have so much personality. I love their graphic shape, the bold, bright colours they come in, and the way they embody fire and passion. I designed this chilli bangle project to celebrate Crafty Chica's National Craft Month celebrating 30 days of Latino inspired crafts. Here's my contribution - check out her blog for more HOT inspiration from other designers who love Latino flavoured crafts, every day this March.
To make a chilli bangle, you will need:
Shopping list
Sheet of red neoprene (craft foam)
Red glitter
Green glitter
PVA/white craft glue
Plain paper
End roll of sticky tape
Strong glue or glue gun
Sticky situation
1. Start off by making Glitter Foam. Paint a layer of PVA glue over the whole of your foam sheet, ensuring every bit is covered and that it's even and not too lumpy. Lift it up and place it on a clean paper surface.
Shake it!
2.  Pour red glitter over the glue, shake it off and pour the glitter that falls off, back into the jar. When dry, you can use glitter foam in any number of craft projects not just to make sparkling chillis!
That's a wrap
3. While the glitter foam is drying, prepare you bangle. Use the card roll that is left over from sticky tape as the bangle base, or a plain wooden or plastic bangle if you have one. Cut off a long piece of yarn, tie it to the bangle and then wrap it around until you reach the end. Tie another knot and feed the end into the bangle so it's hidden and secure.
4. Draw a chili shape onto paper to create a template and cut it out. Lay it on the back of your foam and draw around it several times, enough to cover the bangle. Then cut them out.
Chillis to go
5. Paint the tops of each chilli with PVA glue, then pour on green gitter to ensure each chilli has a green stalk.
6. When completely dry, glue the glittered chillis along the bangle using a strong glue. 
Hot stuff

See more Latin crafts on Crafty Chica's blog.  I guarantee you will get hooked!
Spice girl
Now then...who fancies a burrito??

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