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Sunday 10 June 2012

Stitch London Stitch Crawl 2012

It never rains at the Stitch London Stitch Crawl. Fact. This is because craft has the power to control the weather and with 10,000+ people invited to the event it's no wonder the heavens didn't dare open up. OK so all 10,000 didn't turn up. I purposely didn't count the masses as I knew the number would never seem as impressive. The day however, was.
After all, there were raffles prizes...
Knitters...(this family travelled from Buckinghamshire)
A fabulous host - Pro-Squid league member and knit wit extraordinaire (soon top be even more world famous when her woolley BT Art Phone Box lands in Trafalgar Square later this month) Deadly Knitshade...
And some special guest Crafty Avengers...(me!), the handsome Mr X-Stitch & the lovely Sarah Corbett from The Craftivist Collective.
Mr X-Stitch spread the stitch love to new recruits.
Sarah filled folk in about the work Craftivists do and their new campaign that launches on Sunday (17th June).
While I represented The Make Escape - a monthly craft night I co-run with the delightful Rosie Martin. In my workshop we made paper brooches.
No glue involved...just stitchery.
As the event itself was held to celebrate World Wide Knit in Public Day, there was of course plenty of knitting action. These ones caught my eye. The above stripey knits were all made from stunningly coloured yarns from Poundland. A pound well spent!
This was the final sleeve of a jumper that with this immense detail, has taken a year so far in the making.
My favourite spot was this incredible part crocheted, part knitted cardigan, beautifully made...
AND is the same colours as The Make Escape flier!
The knitting action lasted from midday to 6pm. All generations took part...
And no doubt this little lovely one will soon be the youngest knitter in the world if their aunt Lauren has anything to do with it!
This girl knitted a sock whilst wearing a fine cherry necklace and sporting leopard print nails.
One 1/2 of this couple knitted while the other caught up on the weekend papers.
I was also impressed by these wonderful socks. 
Not that you needed them! The sudden afternoon heatwave resulted in heighten picnic activity. If you've ever wondered what crafters eat whilst being creative alfresco, here's a selection of the treats I discovered...
 Home-baked cookies & yummy chocolate rolls
Dried fruit
Spanish omelette - I can verify this was the tastiest egg I've ever eaten. Not sure who made it, but she has talents!

 Soya mince & brown rice (my own creation -leftovers from two nights before!)
It being knitting in public day, I couldn't help but be drawn to the bags - the bags people use to carry their knitting in to allow them to knit in public. Like these two fab cake holdalls.
This creation is too amazing for words, knitted and held together by knitting needles...genius!
These two were simply print-tastic. 
 What I like about Stitch London's philosophy is that all crafts are welcome, not just knitting - also seen on the day was crochet (wish I'd photographed this before and after, watching the square grow was mesmerising.)
Also spotted - quiltmaking and embroidery.
 Highlights of the day were the three raffles - over £300 was raised for Doctors Without Borders of which I contributed to...the evidence being the fact I won a prize!
A rather tasty book! Yay!
Another happy winner! (Very pleased to find out this is the prize this lady had her fingers crossed for!)
And here are some of the brooches made at my workshop.
I can say without a doubt it was the lovliest Saturday afternoon I've had in a very long time. 
Crafting alfresco is just so 'meant to be'. If you've not tried it, make sure you add it to your goal before the summers out!
Also if you get a chance this summer, to get to the Southbank there are lots of lovely things to admire.
 Like this most beautiful fantasy tree.
The chance to watch cardboard TV.
Star in a photography exhibition.
And become a citizen of Antartica.
You can even stamp the passport yourself!

See - definately the best Saturday day I've had in ages. And best of all, it was totally free!

To find out about future Stitch London events visit their website & join their mailing list.
The Festivals of The World exhibition continues at The Southbank until September (and is a must visit!)

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