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Sunday 18 November 2012

Memories of The Last Rolo

The other day a friend gave me their last Rolo.
It's probably been a decade since I've eaten a Rolo let alone been offered one. That combined with watching Heston's Fantastical Food* last night where he made the world's biggest 99 ice-cream got me thinking about other old school foodie things I used to do but don't do anymore:

Lipstick M&M
My 1st lipstick was painting my lips with the colour that came off red M&Ms

Wearing Hula Hoops as ring
On all 10 fingers of course, before eating

Sucking Wotsits
The game here is to suck them into nothingness - no munching allowed

Salt & Shake crisps
Saving the salt packets and not adding them to the crisps just because...

Peeling a Twix
Eating all the chocolate off, then the caramel and being left with just the long biscuit base 

Strawberry lace plaits
They taste even better when you thicken them up by plaiting single strands together.

Trans-form-a snack
Can't believe they are now 30p! Anyway back in the day I had the patience to turn them into cars before eating.

Maryland cookies
I used to sandwich them between ice-cream - esp mint choc chip - though too lazy to today, biccies are now for dipping in tea and ice cream eaten for dessert!

Oh dear... this started as a fun reminiscing post, now it's turned into me feeling old. Better stop there then!

*Blatantly inspired by Pimp That Snack

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