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Sunday 3 March 2013

Manish Malhotra's London Catwalk Show 2013

Sometimes amazing things happen on the spur of the moment like being given a days notice that I was off to one of the most exciting fashion catwalk shows that has ever taken place in London; the first runway collection on British shores by Indian designer Manish Malhotra. (Pictured with me above, photographed by Swani.com)
For the uninitiated, Manish has been designing costumes for Bollywood movies for over 23 years and has worked on over 1000 including some of the most successful films ever made. He also dresses stars for dos and functions....one of his muses is Kareena Kapoor (above) and last year he designed her bridal outfits for her. He's also had his own label for seven years.
The show was part of a Gala Charity Fundraiser event to raise awareness of and money for The Angeli Foundation who work to empower women in India and 'Save The Girl Child.'
As well as the wealthy society types attending The Do were a host of British Asian celebrities (like Eastenders star Shivani Ghai), most of whom I managed to grab for a quick interview. 
'Red carpet' interviews are so bizarre. Every media person there is trying to muscle in and you only get about 1 minute per celeb, it's not one of my favourite jobs but it keeps you on your toes!
I've appeared on radio host Nihal's BBC Asiannetwork show so many times as a guest but this was the first time I've had my photo with him. I was very impressed with his choice of specs.
Pictured with celebrity baker Dhan from Exclusive Cakes 4 U, presenter Anushka Arora, singer Kiran Dhanoa and hair stylist Aamir Naveed.
Guests (and press!) were treated to a delicious meal - my favourite part wasn't actually the main course but the tandoori paneer served as appetisers. It was delicious and took me back to my childhood when I used to eat tandoori chicken; it was the closest veggie alternative I've ever found.
Pre-catwalk there was a charity auction, live performance by singer Avina Shah and a raffle.
Then it was time for the main event. 
Manish's stunning collection.....the following photos are all shot by Swani.com.
Manish has a reputation for appliqued panels...
He also has an obsession with women's backs...

And makes flamboyant sherwanis for men. 
The show stopper of the catwalk show was Bollywood newcomer Parineeti Chopra. 
I haven't seen her act yet but she was pleasant enough when I interviewed her!
The highlight of the evening was when Manish actually commented on my own style and colour. 
Now that's a compliment I won't forget!


  1. You look absolutely stunning! - I'm not surprised he commented x

  2. I love your clutch. Where can I get myself one?

    1. Hi Sharmeen!
      It's a one-off! Handmade by a lovely lady I know called Karen.
      Check out her shop http://www.etsy.com/shop/reddskinbags - there's another Basmati clutch there though in a different colour - just as fab and comes with a strap which mine doesn't have!
      She's always on the look out for rice bags but they're quite hard to source!