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Monday 4 January 2010

The Perfect 10

Some people are calling it "Twenty ten", others "Two thousand and ten" and me, I'm sticking with The Perfect 10.

It's going to be the best year ever. I've always liked round, whole numbers, maybe cos I was born in one, 1980, it makes working things out so much more easier.

So anyway, this year I'm turning 30 and I'm busy planning all those things to do while I'm still 20 something.

I can't think of anything too radical but I hope there will be some craft successes amongst it. My plan for this month is to update my 'Folksy store'. I've been neglecting it for a few months, it's in desperate need of lots of lovely new stock. I'm going to root around and only make things from scraps I already have at home, maybe buy the odd thing like velcro which I've run out of, but otherwise I'm aiming to use up what I have and make a bit of pocket money : )

The perfect fit!

Hmm lovely softy felt, thanks Lucy!

First task of the year though was getting my diary sorted. As ever I picked up a plain diary in Poundland and gave it a quick makeover. My lovely friend Lucy recently gave me some handmade felt, the perfect size. I just measured them up, trimmed the sides and attached with double sided sticky tape. The cover just about meets the edges so I can still see the calendars inside. I then blinged up the front with a knitted corsage and some tulip fabric paint. Voila. Let The Perfect 10 begin.

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