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Saturday 26 June 2010

Highlights from Dundee

Faith, Alex and Me in middle!
Eek! Time has flown by this month and I have not had a chance to blog properly so I have a whole back log of posts to put up about all the craftastic stuff I've been up to! Three weeks ago I was in Dundee here is what happened:

Wow! Meeting one idol is one thing but to meet two at once is quite remarkable! On Thursday I was over the moon to hook up with Alex, one of the amazing women behind art/performance/girl band/fashion/creatives Chicks on Speed AND the inspiring Faith Levene, the genius behind indie craft documentary and book 'Handmade Nation' - both who were in the UK to attend the Prototype Symposium in Dundee, Scotland

Bringing together academics/artists/crafters/scientists/cultural critics/students/authors/architects the two day event explored new meaning of prototyping and the role that crafts plays in it. I was there as a blogger, reporting live on the action as it happened. My posts can be seen on the Craft Research blog.
Chicks on Speed Restropective
One of the reasons Alex who currently resides in Spain was down in Dundee was because there's a brilliant Chicks On Speed restrospective showing at Dundee Contemporary Art. Showing off their videos, fashion, posters, crafts, banners, zines...there's an inspiring selection of artefacts and it's a huge space too. A must visit if you are near there - it's free too!

The Guitar Stiletto
This is one of the girl's most recent projects, a stiletto show that doubles up as a guitar. Alex detailed the mega story of how this shoe became made - it was fascinating but sadly got turned down by Lady GaGa's stylist twice so won't be going as mainstream yet.

Only trouble is, how to I transport it home?
 Downstairs at the exhibition was all sorts of other interactive crafty activities. My favourite part was an interactive styling exhibit where there was a blank mannequin and lots of fabrics hung up. The idea was to dress the mannequin however you liked by draping materials to make an outfit, there was also the option to video yourself while doing it.

See I did weave again!

And finally I had a go on a huge loom and did my first bit of proper weaving (not the card bookmark I made a few weeks ago!) on a giant loom. The piece being worked on was huge so the shuttle had to travel really far each time and I didn't enjoy it, it was far more complicated than the loom I used. But also it was good to be doing something that I felt I understood the principles off.

I had a really fabulous and craft tastic time blogging from the symposium, meeting some fabulous inspiring people and getting to know Dundee. Soooo pleased I went : )

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