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Monday 30 April 2012

April showers? Whatever......

 1. Flew a kite in Maidstone
Determined not to let the incessant April showers get me down any longer I decided to spend the weekend enjoying the elements. Over three days I experienced about an hour of sunshine - the rest was bleak, grey, wet & windy....
 2. Chased a windfarm
I tried to get as close as I could to Little Cheyne Court windfarm but a local farmer was having none of it so I had to settle with watching the hypnotising and beautiful windmills from a distance.
 3. Visited a nuclear power station
Well from the outside. I drove right up to it for a close inspection then got blown down the seafront in Dungeness, which is apparently one of the most treacherous stretches in the UK.
4. Boarded world's smallest public railway
The Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch Railway looks like a model train. It's tiny!!!!! It's the first steam train I've ever been on...it was like riding on Thomas the Tank Engine.
5. Counted seagulls 
In Cambersands. A peaceful stretch of beach and sand dunes.

6. Got up close & personal with a peacock
In the grounds of Leeds Castle. It was too expensive to go inside but the peacocks roam in the entrance and the park is open for picnics. 
7. Discovered the joy of keyrings
Thousands of key rings cover the celings at The Dungeness Inn. Individually keyrings look like tack but together they are a work of art!
8. Saw a whale's tail
Made of rocks in Folkestone.
9. Investigated Flotsome & Jetsome
Though I knew the names, I had no idea what flotsome & jetsome were until I came across a whole host of sculptures made from the things that get washed up on shore...talk about finding treasure!
10. Battled the elements in Dymchurch
Just as the sun looked like coming out, it decided to stay indoors. Ahh well. It may have been miserable but spending time alfresco on the days when you'd rather be having a duvet day & watching DVDs can be strangely satisfying - it makes you feel so much more proud of yourself. I wish that the sun would come back & brighten up the UK but until it does, I vow not to sit inside grumbling anymore....after all, what were wellies and thermals made for if not to enjoy on the beach?

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