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Thursday 6 December 2012

Is Nicki Minaj my twin?

Not a week goes by when someone doesn’t refer to me as Nicki Minaj. We have colourful hair and a multitude of shades in our wardrobe but surely that’s where the comparisons stop? I mean this Trinidadian beauty looks nothing like me. Then again, we do have a few other things in common, as I discovered when I decided to do some deep research into seeing whether or not we did perhaps did get separated at birth?

1. Think Pink

We have both sported long pink hair. (Check the attention to detail, I make that green eyeshadow and pink lips too!)

2. Blue Tones

Oh and we've tried blue mops as well.

3. Screen Queen

I once had a Marilyn Monroe makeover. Nicki did an ode to Marilyn.

 4. Feeling Fruity


My favourite fruit is mango….Nicki is a mango addict.

5.  Barbie Girls


Nicki has been made into a Barbie doll, I once took my niece to meet Barbie.

 7. Jay Sean

Nicki stars in a Jay Sean video. I do too

8. Booty-licious

I swear by my wellies, even if there’s just a drizzle. Nicki wears wellies on stage.

  8. Island Love

Nicki is from the Caribbean and was born in Trinidad. I once had a Caribbean themed birthday.  
9. Shaking our Pom poms

It’s fair to say that both our wardrobes are spectacular. I like her pom pom top, she would most likely mine too.

  1. Sexy Sagittarians
My birthday is December 6th. Nicki’s birthday is December 8th……
That pretty much seals it…….Nicki Minaj, clearly IS my twin!

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