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Monday 22 February 2010

Easy peasy fabric printing

Why can't adults have 1/2 term, holidays? It makes so much sense to stop working every few weeks and rejuvenate. Last week was 1/2 term for many of the UK's school children. I remember my 1/2 term hols very clearly I would be bored for 4 days and then on the 5th day I would think of a huge to do list, most of it crafty and be sad I'd left it so late.

Here's a super easy project I tried out last week at a children's half term workshop, perfect for doing at home on a rainy day (and oh my, how it is raining at the minute!):

You will need:
  • Cotton fabric (in this case an apron)
  • Funky foam/neoprene
  • Card (from a cereal box)
  • PVA
  • Paper
  • Fabric paints
To make:

1. Create a template of the shape you want to print and cut it out of paper.
2. Draw around the paper shape on neoprene, cut out and glue to card.

3. Lay newspaper under your cotton to protect surface. Apply paint all over the neoprene shape careful not to get any on the card. Cover the whole foam otherwise you may get gaps.

4. Press it into position on the fabric, lift up and reveal your first print. Carry on printing until your composition is finished. You will need to apply fresh paint to the foam for each print you do.

5, Follow the instructions on the paint, when dry you normally iron the motifs to fix them so your fabric can be washed.

What a super easy method! Cheap, quick and easy...give it a go! Remember you can mix colours, print on top of shapes and go all out as wild as you wish!

1 comment:

  1. Momtazbh,
    I've come over via a fellow bloggers blog. You have a lovely blog that is really warming and inspiring. I sincerely hope you do well in your chosen path.

    Thank you so much for sharing this easy fabric painting, there is a little creative person in me that wants to get my hands dirty, so something like this is a great introduction. And a great way to have fun with the kids: nephews and nieces in my case.