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Saturday 1 September 2012

10 Things My Dad Taught Me

Today marks three years of loosing my daddy. Every year I write something about him so that I can remember him. Today, I'm focusing on 10 of his regular habits which have all in some way inspired me to follow his lead.

1. Never be afraid to rescue things from skips
If he saw something useful like a plank of wood he'd bring it home and put it to use.

2. Always keep a comb by the front door
My dad's comb lived on the bottom of the staircase, near a mirror so he could do a quick smarten up before he went out.

3. Read the dictionary
This was a popular time pass, to keep learning new words.

4. Keep the kitchen sink clean
A blocked sink was one of his worst nightmares so he'd polish the kitchen sink a couple of times a day.

5. Support trainee hairdressers
He'd get his hair cut at the local college by students to save money, a tip I have been following for over a decade!

6. Save plastic bottles
He would place these upside down on sticks all around his allotment....the truth is on this one that I have no idea why...does anyone know what the philosophy behind it could be? Regardless, one day I shall get an allotment and do the same thing.

7. Keep sandwiches in cereal bags
You know those plastic inserts inside a box of cereal? That's how he'd transport his sandwiches.

8. Take empty tupperware on holiday
Fill it with food from the destination, i.e. biscuits to bring home.

9. Mix cereals
His fave combination with Crunchy Nut Cornflakes mixed with muesli - to this day I never eat one cereal at a time, it needs to be several, it's so much more satisfying!

10. Visit sick people
He went out of his way to visit friends in hospital, or anyone else that was unwell - he always said it was a good thing to do. Luckily I haven't had many sick friends but if I did I would look to do the same.

A totally random list and order and of course there are many huge things he taught me about life, religion, family etc but these every day details that are the ones that really made him who he was. 

Miss you Ubba.