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Sunday 3 May 2015

The Asian Awards 2015 - Red Carpet & Media Room Coverage

With cameraman Riaz Jugon waiting on Park Lane for the celebs to arrive
Last year I was invited to The Asian Awards as a guest, this year I worked there, covering the event for Asiana.tv. Sitting pretty dolled up at a table and being fed a five star three course meal is what most people were up to, but me and my crew spent three and a half hours freezing our socks off outside the venue awaiting the celebs to arrive then worked a further four hours in the media room again, all in the name of getting a story. But I wouldn't have had it any other way. Working at an awards ceremony is more fun than just attending one. Here's what happened...

Perfecting my presenting look

I planned my outfit the night before, an ensemble I created from various accessories I had at home, teamed with a dress designed for me by Birmingham based designer Sati for a previous event I presented at, but hey, I'm not one to not wear the same outfit twice, as long as it's styled differently!

My hair and make-up artist for the event was Naveeda but in order to get it done, I had to visit her on a boat where was was busy doing a photoshoot!

I love the rosy pink doll-like cheeks Naveeda created for me, it's one of my fave beauty looks

Shooting on The Golden Hinde II, the boat that is parked up by London Bridge (I've walked passed it so many times so it was surreal to be aboard!) Pic: Alex Pichon

Red carpet reporting

I recently blogged about what it's like working on a red carpet and this was one of the tougher ones. All the celebs arrived, got papped by the photographers then many headed straight inside. As I was stuck behind a barrier there wasn't much I could do, but I still managed to speak to some of the guests including...

I was at the end of the line of reporters, so on one side of me I had another journalist and at the other side is where the fans started. The space was packed with young girls - Zayn Malik fans awaiting his arrival; his first media appearance since quitting boyband 1D. Some were actually hyperventilating when he arrived! See more pics of that here.

Backstage at the media room

I didn't get to watch the actual award ceremony but once winners were announced they were led back stage to the Media Room where I was waiting for them! The biggest honour for me was speaking to fashion designer John Rocha, I have utmost respect for him (and although I don't usually wear trousers, I have one pair, designed by him, and they are spectacular!)

I recently interviewed Danielle Bux, the wife of football pundit Gary Lineker for a magazine article so it was nice to catch up with her again and with her hubbie this time!

The current sporting hero of our times, I also interviewed this cricket star, one of the billionaire Hinduja Brothers (he and his brothers are worth £14billion!) and Maya, the daughter of Dr Amar Bose of Bose technology fame.

I also managed to make Sanjeev Bhaskar giggle which is clearly an achievement!

And nabbed a word with presenters Sunny and Say who as ever, looked remarkable, I love their style as a pair.


Amidst the working, my colleague Fariha and I had our own Bond Girl moment with celebrity BodyGuard Yousaff Khan (who was looking out for Zayn Malik and Shah Rukh Khan on the night) but joined us for a dinner of lentils and rice (which is all us journos were fed!), got stopped by presenter Gok Wan, who told me I looked amazing, had a gossip with the lovely Bollywood ambassador Raj....

..and got to admire Shah Rukh from a distance (I wasn't allowed to speak to him!) One day eh?!

The video I made of the event is up on Asiana.TV and my You Tube channel so be sure to watch it! After finishing up post -midnight I had to hot foot it home to get ready to present my radio show in the morning where I also chatted about the event. 

As for next year...who knows if I will be working there or guesting there? Hmmmmmmmm!