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Tuesday 23 February 2010

Mastercrafts Episode 2 and articles

This lesser spotted glum expression of me warp winding is sadly a good summary of my time on Mastercrafts!! To hear a little more about it, here's an article I wrote for Creative Choices.
(Photo taken from the Mastercrafts book.

And I also forgot to mention this lovely write up on my fave craft website, Crafty Crafty.

Last Friday's episode featured three trainees mastering the craft of thatching. I enjoyed it more than Greenwood purely because there was far more focus on the trainees. Once again the scenery was spectacular making it pleasant to watch. I'm still not sure about the timing, I know it's Monty's 'Gardener's World' slot but it's such a 'slow' paced programme, Sunday evenings would have been far better suited to it.

Big question.....could I have done it? I applied to be a trainee thatcher and ended up being a weaver. To be brutally honest if I was one of the the trainees I would have found it a bit boring. They only spent a few days working on an actual roof, I liked the idea of spending 6 weeks in the great outdoors. Most tasks were indoors on a mini roof.....not the same thing really. I wouldn't have enjoyed getting injuries on my hand or getting my nailvarnish chipped either but I still maintain that I would have liked to have given it a go.

I admired the trainees passion, they all seemed very enthusiastic about their chosen craft, bring on this week's metalwork!

1 comment:

  1. my sister does willow weaving in Devon and absoutely loves it!

    You've got some great craft ideas here. I spent half term with my son making and 'arting' - loved it!

    Congratulations on the magazine piece and good luck.

    Found you via Fabric nation blog. I'm over at: www.101birdtales.blogspot.com and am doing a giveaway for tickets to the Battersea Affordable Art Fair if you or anyone else in london is up for the tickets -do pop over and have a look if you have a mo!

    Will be back.