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Saturday 6 March 2010

Mmmmmmm Marmite!

Marmite XO: latest variation from Unilever

As a teenager I was obsessed with ‘limited edition’ 7-inch vinyl records. My collection included a ‘curry coloured’ EP from Cornershop and sky blue Radiohead and fluorescent yellow My Life Story singles. Back then owning a bit of plastic that looked a bit different was a good feeling but I never would have imagined that the obsession would have crossed over to food.

Whatever happened to the term ‘Original & Best’? It seems that we as consumers are no longer happy buying ordinary items, we want something else - even if we can only enjoy it once. I’m one of these people and proud. I’d much rather try a new flavour then stick to the usual same old blandless. In particular I’m feeling over excited about Monday when Marmite XO hits supermarket shelves……the strongest, maturist Marmite ever.

Obviously only suited to true marmite lovers of which I am one, it could be the most exciting addition to breakfast in my flat since I bought ‘Ashes’ marmite. It was surprisingly plain (I still have 2 jars left) but a relief after eating the highly distressful ‘Champagne marmite’ which I only sampled once. It tasted foul but I’ve kept the jar because it’s so pretty!

But when it comes to the brown stuff it's not just what inside the jars, limited edition chocolate is common. Many years ago I started a scrapbook of wrappers but regrettably gave it up : ( One of the products I was particularly partial to collecting was Kit Kat – lemon yogurt cheesecake and Christmas pudding flavours were my fave - it’s good to know the head chefs at Nestle are still pushing bondaries. Japan now stocks 19 varieties of the wafer sticks.

Not sure if I could handle Wasabi flavour, I only just about managed Wasabi Pringles. Crisps are the biggest supporter of new and strange flavours. Everytime I go into a newsagent I’m astounded by the options. I can barely keep up.

But Marmite isn’t just going XO, it’s also moved into ricecakes, breadsticks and even cereal bars. I’ve yet to try the latter but am enjoying the posters on the Underground! If anyone has tried XO I would love to know your verdict!

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