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Sunday 23 May 2010

Red Carpet Glamour

The best looking couple of the night, move over Hritik and Barbara

This week I unexpectedly had my first Red Carpet experience, attending the European Premiere of the Bollywood movie Kites. Leicester Square was cordoned off to allow A-List celebs who had just flown in from India to make their way across the legendary carpet while hundreds of screaming fans lined the sides. Attending with The Great Bollywood Deewana, I lapped up the cheers as we sauntered along what felt like a very long catwalk, waving at all the lovely people who commented on my hair!

Making my entrance on the red carpet

It was the first time in my entire life that I have ever worn heels from my house all the way to my destination. Normally I pop them into my bag, wear comfy flats and then change into them when I need to look glam, but for this event I didn't think the the bulkiness of carrying additional footwear was appropriate.....and I'm pleased to say, my feet survived! Yay!

If you've ever wondered what a Red Carpet is like, well it's very soft and feels very lovely to walk on. As for seeing so many faces watching you, it feels quite surreal, esp when you know you're not important! You can pretty much walk at whatever pace you like, we timed it so there weren't too many other guests in front or behind us.

I was among the first fans in Europe to see the film!

I really couldn't wait to see the film, I've seen a few terrible Bollywood flicks lately and so I had high hopes, especially as Hritik, the leading man normally chooses his projects so well.
Once inside we hung around a bit but were told to take our seats which was a shame as we couldn't watch the other stars arriving.

The movie's stars took to the cinema stage

When we entered the cinema screen we were convinced we would have the worse seats, maybe in the corner somewhere but to our complete and utter surprise we had the best two seats in the house, directly in the centre, second row from the front and as you can see there was no one sitting in front of us, we felt like VIPs!

After sitting in the screen for 1/2 and hour and munching on free popcorn all of a sudden there was an applaud in the room and all the stars of the film entered the screen and one by one walked onto the stage to introduce it. This included the leading couple Hritik Roshan and Barbara Mori, the film's producer and two directors (there are two versions of the film, one in hindi and one in English - a Bollywood first!) and the music director. It was completely surreal to think we had the best view ever!

Overall I loved the film, it was an action packed romance, about being in love whatever the consequences and whatever the cost. The pair were soooooooooooooooooooo gorgeous, I hope they both win awards for their excellent performances.

If one day you find yourself in a similar situation (i.e. you're a totally ordinary member of the public and you suddenly find yourself thrust into the Red Carpet limelight), here's my top tips on how to survive a Red Carpet experience:

  • Theme your outfit - I went Vintage - if you opt for a theme you'll immediately look distinguished, not like a star but someone special, which of course you are.
  • Pack efficiently - you don't want a bulky handbag so take miniatures of whatever you need that fit into a smaller purse such as a mini lipgloss, compact mirror etc.
  • Wear red - don't worry about being camouflaged, the stars rarely wear red so you'll be safe knowing you'll be the only lady/gentlemen in the shade.
  • Don't over do it - leave the Oscar ballgowns to the leading actress, if you wear one you'll look out of place and worse still like a wannabe so just be comfortable in something that reflects your individuality.
  • Add height - hats are sure to make an impression if you're out to get noticed just don't forget to take it off when the film starts!
  • Take your time - it's your unique moment so walk slowly, take it all in, wave at random people, take photos and make sure you smile. Don't get there too early or you'll miss the atmosphere and don't be too late or you may not be let in!
  • Promote something - preferably something that's handmade by you or by an up and coming designer just incase someone asks you where it's from and you can get some business for someone who deserves exposure.
  • Enjoy! - who knows when you'll get to walk the Red Carpet again, it's a once in a lifetime tick box thing, so if you make it on there, just have fun and enjoy yourself : )

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  1. Great Post Momtaz, couldn't stop giggling to myself while reading this, indeed people leave the ball gowns to the actresses ;0)I love all your tips