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Sunday 21 August 2011

Batman Crafts

No.1 Knitted face mask
I love Batman. He's my favourite super hero and this week I'm feeling extremely excited as Batman Live the stage show is coming to London and not just any old part, my home town, Greenwich, so to celebrate I've scoured the web for the best Batman crafts. If only I could own all these things. Starting with with a super cute knitted Bat face mask modelled on Blythe. Actually it doesn't look too hard to make, keen knitters can easily adapt a basic hat pattern to recreate their own.
No.2 Printed dress
What a dress, and it looks like it would fit me! I would like to wear it and twirl around all day as it has a beautiful cut which would swish in the breeze.
No.3 Kicks
But which of these???? The Robin ones are very nice, if not a little 'teeny'...perhaps I am too old to own a pair?
No.4 Thong
Ha ha, not these though, I could definatly wear this!
No.5 Pendant
Hmmm and what a lovely yet simplistic pendant.
No.6 Pinboard
Like many crafters these days I am obsessed by Pinterest but that doesn't mean we should not still have a physical pin board, especially one so fabulous?
No.7 Knitted cuffs
 The classic Bat logo looks good on everything, especially gloves.
No.8 Bento
I wonder if this is what the cast members are lunching on...Batman Bento?
No. 9 Wooden table
 A beautiful handmade table - doesn't even need any colour, it's perfect as it is.
No. 10 Wall sticker
Wow...! This wall sticker makes such a difference to a white room.
Me as Bat Girl
I know..... the auditions and casting are over, but the show is touring, and this is evidence I would  make a brilliant Batgirl....I already have the outfit!!

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