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Monday 12 March 2012

Delicious Design Classics

Bagel purse from Berlin
I've recently acquired some extremely kitsch but classic design products. First up this rather splendid salmon and cream cheese bagel purse found in Berlin.
Salmon & cream cheese filling
Each half of the bagel has a zip so you can fill it with money, card, lipgloss, keys etc. I padded out the top pocket above for photographic purposes, but unfilled, it lies flat.
Bagel ends
It also has a key ring fob, so it can be hung. It's designed by Yummy Pockets who's range includes sandwiches, burgers and sushi themed cases.
Fast food bracelet
This is a rather special fast food bracelet given to me as a Valentines present. It consists of large plastic food items, joined with elastic. I have no idea where it originated from.
Marmite keyring

On first inspection this looks like a jar shaped keyring, but infact the lid comes off so you can store coins...I'm looking forward to testing it out next time I go clubbing!
Food Zines
This set of foodie zines were designed by Sarah Cai and each one is completely hand drawn and contains 6 ideas for what you can do with the product.
Here is a peek at pages from each one. My favourite suggestion is playing jenga with kitkat sticks and bathing in ribena - yum!
Burger timer
 A burger shaped timer to add to my ever growing collection of burger themed collectibles.
Nutella cookbook
An finally a Nutella cookbook, containing 30 delicious recipes to make with the brown stuff such as pastries, drinks, desserts etc. All the recipes are in French, as it was bought in Paris.

Have you acquired any delicious design classics recently? Share your treasures in the comments below!

1 comment:

  1. lol at this, the bathing in Ribena on e had me in stitches, though in all honesty i'd love to try it someday