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Friday 5 October 2012

My Vintage Shopping Spree At Old Spitalfields Market

Three weeks ago I won a £200 shopping spree at the new Pop Up Vintage Fair, which is held at Old Spitalfields Market, London, on the 3rd Saturday of the month.
All I had to do was send a Tweet and answer the question: Why do I love Vintage?
Mine had something to do with the fact each piece is full of stories...and that it looks good on me! I was given a challenge - to spend all £200 in one day on what can only be described as one of the most exciting days of my life!!! I felt like a VIP the moment I arrived, until I left laden down with shopping four hours later.
First stall to catch my eye was the incredible Spark Of Vintage. The owner Nadine  (pictured) blings up vintage bags & hats with Swarovski crystals. The second I laid eyes on this case (which has the words 'Sexy Women') painted on the top, it was love at first sight and it was my first snap up of the day for £30.
I did four circuits o the market before deciding what I wanted to try on. Thankfully, unlike some markets there was a curtained changing room. The patterns on these two dresses were gorgeous but sadly they didn't fit me - vintage clothes can sometimes be made for tiny frames : (
So I opted for this fabulous felted fascinator instead (£3)
An incredible pleated collar jacket (£38) from Gin Lane Vintage
A seriously cute sweater (£20)
A fabulous printed dress that I wore last weekend (£20)
 This amazing Harris Tweed satchel (£30)

and a hippy chic printed cotton top (£12)...I know I know. I've had 3 different hairdos in the last 3 weeks....I can't explain it other than my hair has it's own life. It does what it wants when it wants!

The market also has a fabulous collection of homewares and collectables. This huge pink crocheted blanket was bought from Rare and Racy who sold the most stunning vintage cups and saucers but sadly I didn't need any. So I stuck to this prety blanket; a steal at just £10.
I've always wanted an ice-cube pineapple - it's the ultimate in kitschyness. So I decided to give this one (£18) a home after eyeing it up for a good couple of hours. I lost their card but I know these two ladies go around to fairs in a camper van selling cool stuff so look out for them!
This lady was lovely and from her stall I also bought a long red St Michaels button up top/jacket which I haven't worn yet hence the lack of pictures, a snuggly woolley hat and a couple of metres of stunning retro print fabric which she pointed out, I could make a couple of cushions from.
Vintage vixens won't just be spoilt for choice by the impressive range of fashion, accessories, jewellery, collectables and homewares at Pop Up Vintage. They can also get their hair done by Candy Pout. Perfect if you've got a night out ahead. Sadly my hair is too short at the mo for up-dos.
Here are my buys laid out at home, I spent every last penny and have been using nearly all of what I bought (minus the red belted dress and the fabric but that will happen soon.) I can't stop wearing my new patterned dress and have worn the jacket twice at two glamorous events, my book launch and my guest appearance at a WI meeting earlier this week.
So glad I found it, it's fitted into my life perfectly.
Here are the Need To Know dates for your diary. 

Old Spitalfields is amazing enough as it is, and regularly hosts special events. 
Pop Up Vintage Fairs is one of them. 

I know there's alot of vintage markets & fairs in the capital and it's hard knowing which ones to go to but here's why I liked this one in particular:

1. Location: Spitalfields is buzzing on a Saturday so it's not just Pop Up Vintage you can enjoy - there's all the other stalls and shops and Brick Lane is mere minutes away which makes for a perfect weekend trip.

2. Size: It's a comfortable size - sometimes vintage markets are so huge halls they feel too overwhelming. This one is compact and is not just about clothes. It's the perfect intro to Vintage for newbies.

3. Choice: Despite the size there's a good collection of stalls covering clothes, jewellery and homeware. I did feel that there was too much emphasis on garments from the 1980s rather than true vintage but I guess that was bound to happen sooner or later.

4. Stall holders: They were genuinely friendly, chatty and open to talking about their products. I didn't see a single sign which said 'No Photos' which I always find so ridiculous and off putting. In that sense it's great for bloggers!

5. Prices: I know I had vouchers so I was lucky, but it was a very affordable market - lots of brooches for £5 and plenty of bargains £10 or under. Shopping is far more pleasurable knowing you're not breaking the bank. Oh and it's free entry too!


On a different note it's been so nice blogging again! It's been over a month since my last post but this year as has been a tough one where time has been concerned. I finished one book and am gearing up to hand the next one in.
I miss blogging so much but several things had to go and blogging was one of them. So it's been an extra pleasure doing this one : )

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