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Monday 7 April 2014

Crafting On Live TV!

Last week I was invited onto The Islam Channel to demonstrate some crafts live on air. I've never done live television before and I'm always up for promoting the world of making stuff so of course I said yes. The programme I appeared on is a daily lifestyle show called Living The Life. Each episode has special guests talking about specific topics. My craft segment followed on from a short film they showed about women in Syria who make and sell handicrafts to earn their own income. 
I spoke about the rise of crafts in the UK, The Make Escape craft night that I run and then got the presenters and other guests to make their own crafts.
The Islam Channel's offices are based in London, near Old Street. But as the show was aired at 7pm, it was pretty empty when I arrived. The channel has been in existence for 10 years, has approx 2.5million viewers in the UK and is broadcast in 136 countries. Wow!
Here's a peak at the studio where recordings are made which I took while waiting to go on air.
The other two guests were Imran Pasha, Head of Retail Banking at the Islamic Bank of Britain and also Ibrahim Thompson, Independent Financial Advisor, Citi Group. This was them waiting in reception. They had no idea what they were about to be involved in, having been booked to chat about 'professional stuff.'

Later they were asked to get busy with their hands. They both created their own canvas artworks with ribbons, trims and double-sided tape. If and when I get hold of a DVD copy of the show I'll try and add in a screen grab of what they made.
Although I don't generally cover my hair, I do when it's appropriate and I did for this in order to appeal to the viewer and to respect them and the channel. I actually enjoy wearing a headscarf, it's remarkably comfortable although on the tubes (London Underground trains) it did get a bit hot. It also opens up a whole new world of opportunity when it comes to styling and accessorising and as for the ways you can wear one...the creative options are endless. 

The good news is the team and producers liked me and have invited me to come back - so more crafty TV appearances to come soon, yay! 

The Islam Channel can be viewed in the UK on Sky, channel 813. 

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