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Monday 5 January 2015

2015: My year to be Brave

To welcome in the new year I went to the Channel Island of Jersey with friends. The air was fresh, the views outstanding, and despite freezing temperatures the skies were blue and the sun was out. On my first morning I went for a run along the beach....something I very rarely do, it was December 31st - my last run outdoors was in Kolkata in January!

Every year I like to do something unique to mark New Years Day - previously it's included a private flight over the Himalayas in Nepal, snorkelling in Bali and hitchhiking in the British countryside...this year I decided to swim in the sea in conditions that most normal humans would never consider!

The first two times I ran in inspired by my friend Obie who joined me on the mission and we both screamed from the pain. The water was so cold it hurt but then my legs went totally numb and I couldn't feel them. I maybe should have given up but I was committed to a full-on swim. The water was shallow so the only way I could swim was if I went deeper in - that's when it clicked this required extreme bravery!

So third time lucky went for it, stayed there a while and swam - it felt amazing! A local couple passing by offered to take our photo then emailed it to us which is the one above.

Afterwards my teeth chattered all the way back to our apartment but a hot shower thawed me out.

I'm going to remember this morning every time I get unsure, nervous or scared about something. Bravery boosts confidence and makes you feel great when you've accomplished your goal so my hashtag for life in 2015 is #BeBrave.

And here's a few more pics from Jersey just because it was so beautiful...

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