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Monday 22 June 2015

How To Decoupage A London Themed Chair

A recent Vine post of mine showing how I decorated a chair has been getting a lot of love (and 150,000 views) so here's a more detailed description of how I did it. Decoupage is essentially one of the easiest craft techniques there is. A wee bit time consuming, but the results are always epic, especially when you go for large-scale projects like furniture.

You will need:

A piece or furniture (I used a red chair that I bought in a charity shop for £4)
Wrapping paper of your choice with motifs of (this one is City Pop-Outs London, designed by Matt Ponting from Doodling Around (around 4 sheets)
Can of spray mount and newspaper
Pot of Modge Podge (available from craft shops) or clear varnish
Brush, scissors, plastic gloves

Get going!

Cut out the motifs, in this case London buildings and landmarks. For the best result don't leave space around them, cut out each piece, up to the edges of each line. This is this time consuming part, I did the cutting out while watching several movies. 
Once done, marvel at the pretty pieces.
Lay out the newspaper and place the cut out pieces facing downwards. Spray the back with spray mount (glue in a can) then smooth each on to the piece of furniture.
The trick to decoupage is not being too perfectionist, don't make too many plans, just stick each piece down at different angles, as haphazardly as you like. 
Be prepared for lots of overlapping, your fave motifs may get covered up but fear not, you can always stick another one on top. It's important to ensure every end is glued down. 
Once you're happy with the design (you can go for full coverage but I left some gaps of red, as I liked the colour of the chair) either paint over the whole chair with clear varnish or a couple of layers of Modge Podge, depending on what you can get hold of. 

And Viola! 

The finished chair was displayed on Doodling Around's stand at PULSE a gift trade fair last month. It also got lots of attention, but alas it wasn't for sale. 
It's the ultimate London chair!
I did however help out on the stand, giving away some free sheets and encouraged people to have a go at DIYing it themselves.
I love decoupaged furniture. It's a way to quickly transform things, either with just a few pieces, for some detail, or try going to town with full coverage. You can buy special 'decoupage paper' but from experience any paper goes - wrapping paper, comic books, magazines all work perfectly, just avoid anything too thick.

Happy cutting & sticking!

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