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Sunday 4 April 2010

Hmmm, delicious new crafty book!

A couple of months ago my friend Kesh and I wondered into The Whitechapel Art Gallery bookshop where I discovered the most amazing book I've seen in ages - it was, love at first sight: 'My Wonderful World of Fashion' by Nina Chakrabarti is an activity book for grown ups (well it's 'aimed at young girls' but personally I think grown ups will appreciate it more) with a crafty twist.

At the time of discovering the book, I was £12 away from being in overdraft so sadly I couldn't buy it. But I promised myself that as soon as I get paid I will treat myself to it and that day came on Thursday last week and I'm now the very proud owner of this fantabulous book!

Here is a sneak preview of the contents:

Tips on how to customise your clothes

Projects to make like 'things to do with lace'

Fun colouring in

Educational fashion pages

Pages on which you can draw your own designs such as this 'draw you own fingerless gloves section'

Random pink pages - this one explores tartan

I recommend this book to everyone who likes being creative - it's especially perfect for people who don't always have time to make stuff but want to, and it's also the ideal book to travel with - beats Sudoku anyday - just remember to pack some felt pens too! (Oh and by the way it's also EXTREME value for money, it retails for just £12.99 so buy or start saving up for it now!)


  1. Looks like a great gift for my ten yr old daughter and one of her friends, thanks for sharing.

  2. I LOVE that book! I bought it for my daughter for Christmas, but I think I look at it more than she does! It's a 'cheer you up' book if you've got creative block!