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Saturday 26 February 2011

Laura's Special Baby Blanket

When my friend Laura announced she and her husband had a 'special project' on the way there was only one present I could possibly make for her, a baby blanket that celebrated the little one's half Bangladeshi, half American cultural roots...
Ada was born a week early and although I'd had the American flag print cotton, green fleece, red fur and satin put aside I hadn't quite got round to making it. (I was hoping she'd be late so I had more time!) Then all of a sudden she arrived (it was a quick labour!) and the blanket needed making.
This meant I didn't have time to write down instructions or take photos for a blog tutorial...but on the plus side I managed to make it after work between the hours of 10pm-midnight...probably the quickest thing I've ever designed and sewn in my life! 
Baby Ada loving her blanket
 I sandwiched some wadding between a soft fleece backing and the flag cotton and in the centre made a Bangladeshi flag which is basically a red circle on a green rectangle! It was edged with satin because Laura told me when she was a child she had something similar and loved the shiny edging. Ada was adorable, very tiny, calm, relaxed and immediately snuggled into her new blanket.

Aunty Momtaz
She was so lovely and warm with soft silky hair, I wanted to take her home with me! And of course she's a very lucky baby as not only does she own a bespoke blanket, she's also the one who has the customised babygrows from my last blog post! Good to see one so young exposed to home-made crafts!

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