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Saturday 5 March 2011

My top knitting books for World Book Night

In honour of tonight's World National Book Night  I've decided to round up the best knitting books to have have been published in the last few months:

1. Best in Show Incredible projects of every kind of dog imaginable, split into all the dog show categories, you can knit your own whippet, poodle, pug..all the projects are like life and ever so sweet! 10/10 for 'knits you want to own'.

2. 75 birds... There's something about this title that reminds me of my old school garden...a great resource for teachers, crafts practitioners and ordinary knit wits - imagine how amazing it would be to make everything in this book and then make a giant garden knitted mural....

 2. Probably the best designed craft book I've seen in ages, each knitted pet is photographed in it's own homely setting. Animals include a snake and chameleon! 10/10 for cuteness.

3. I haven't seen this book in person as it's not published until later this month. In case you missed it, 'The K Factor' was a slot on Harry Hill's TV Burp a few months ago and viewers were asked to send in knitted characters which were judged each episode, X Factor stye. There are still some great clips on line - I've seen numerous characters that featured in the challenge on sale on Ebay so you could buy a fake from there or knit one yourself.

4. I discovered this title on twitter, DeadlyKnitshade was tweeting about it - 10/10 for amusement factor..and while other's are 'cashing in' on the royal wedding, nice to see a way to celebrate the wedding for free!

5. These three fun amusing titles are all written by Susie Johns who is a) amazing b)inspiring c) runs my local knitting group in Greenwich. Admittedly it's been ages since I've actually shown up but I will return when I actually have time to do some more knitting myself.  Each food is amazingly life like, there's a 4th that's she's done on knitted egg cosies that came out a couple of weeks ago too. I've always loved the idea of knitting every day objects far more than knitting a jumper. 

So that's my Spring time inspiration, I recommend getting hold of any of these books and getting your needles out, they are all fab books. Happy Knitting x

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