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Wednesday 9 November 2011

My trip to Kilpatrick PR press day

Festive spirit

One of the most exciting things about working as a journalist is being the first to see, hear, watch, experience, and try out new things. But these benefits are no longer restricted to the press. In recent years PRs have been taking much more notice of the power of bloggers; inviting them to ‘dos’ that were previously restricted. This is great because I’ve always been inclined to believe what ‘real people’ think, rather than someone who’s job it is to review things. I fall into both categories but given a choice I’d much rather wear my blogger hat: what you read on my blog is me being me; not me working for someone else.
One of the things that land in my inbox as a writer and blogger, on a daily basis, is invitations to ‘press launches’. I don’t go to all of them, only things I’m genuinely interested in like trying out new lotions and potions. Last month I went to the Christmas Press Day for Kilpatrick PR, and decided to reveal what actually happens on a ‘press day’.
If only my beauty shelf was like this!
Kilpatrick specialise in beauty products and upon arrival (inside a glamorous central London townhouse) I was greeted by a huge long table stretching across the room and filled with exciting new products about to hit the shelves. 
Shame they weren't hot!
And because it was a Christmas launch there were plenty of mince pies to go around!
Seasonal pampering

As an Xmas gift there was also a selection of complimentary pampering treatments – none of which I needed, having recently got my eyebrows and nails done, and the ‘hair-up service’ wasn’t really for me as I don’t have a huge amount of hair! But what I did opt for was a 1-2-1 with a psychic. A strange lavender lady seated in the corner…she was dressed in ‘pale purple’ from head to toe so I knew I’d get on with her. I’m afraid I can’t reveal what she saw inside her virtual crystal ball, but she certainly instilled me with a confidence boost.

'Me time' treats
Then it was time to sample the new products. I tried things I’ve already heard of, like Champneys who have designed a huge number of gift sets, retailing from £10.  
New brands

Ones I’ve never seen before like Voya; a luxury Irish organic beauty brand. Their products are made from coastal ingredients like seaweed and are available in Selfridges, priced around £50.

Affordable stuff
Brilliant cheap and cheerful stuff that I’ve been won over by. 2 True cosmetics cost from £1.99 and are stocked in Superdrug. Don’t be put off by their pocket money price, they are pretty good quality. I’ve found that even their mascara (a handy travel size) is better than some pricier brands.
Posh stuff

And extortionately expensive products I will probably never own. Gazelli products come wrapped in pretty scarves and are only available in Harrods. Next week they are offering special facials inside Harrod's Retreat beauty parlour. 
Can't wait to try it!

My favourite discovery of the night was this amazing gelSpa Luxury Bath Soak, which you pour into a bathtub. The water turns into a huge vat of comforting jelly that you can relax in. It contains aromatherapy oils and tiny beads that exfoliate your skin as you lay back. A perfect addition to my Sunday Bath Ritual, the gel also retains the bath tub temperature four times as longer, giving you an excuse to stay in the bath tub for hours. Bliss! There are three types; Revive, Relax and Sooth and they are available in Boots for £9.99.

An hour is a good time to spend at a press day then when you’re ready to leave, you’re presented with a goody bag containing samples. Hooray!
Lucky dip
As it was Christmas the lovely Kilpatrick girls had also organised a Christmas card lucky dip (some of the cards contained vouchers.)
Yay! I won!

Yippee! Inside mine was a £25 Ted Baker voucher. I’ve never been to a Ted  Baker store (though I love the smell of Ted Baker beauty products) so this winter in the sales, I shall be treating myself to a TB item.

To try & test
As for what was inside my goody bag… well I was really happy to get a pack of the spa jelly; I can’t wait to take a soak in it! I also got some dry shampoo from Trevor Sorbie, (perfect as mine had just run out), a natural face sponge that has been making me look more beautiful. I used to buy really rough face loofahs from Woolworths but these ones are soft and lovely and I now can’t wash my face without them! They are by Eco Tools and are derived from plant pulp. I highly recommend them. I also received a serum from luxury French brand Institut Eshederm that comes in a very shiny, bronze dispenser that I’ve been using on my face and so far, so good. The only trouble is you have to ‘pat’ and not ‘rub’ it in, which is difficult to remember! Also inside was some lovely Sweet Breath cinnamon tasting breath freshener, incredible 2 True ‘cracking nail varnish’ which gives you a leopard print effect on your nails in a few seconds, and some individual lashes which last a few weeks (as yet I’m too scared to try them out, but maybe one day?)

Best of all though…a light up lipstick…what an invention!!!  There’s really not a lot to say other than ingenious! The lippy by New CID Cosmetics comes in eight shades and costs about £12. It has a mirror and in-built light so you can say good bye to smudges, even inside a dark club! I’m sold!
So these are some of the lovely new beauty products to look for when you’re next out and about. I’m much more of a ‘read about them’, then ‘go to scary department stores and deal with shop assistants’ kind of girl, so if you are too, I hope this post was useful : )

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