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Wednesday 30 November 2011

Tutorial: Snow Scene candle holders

I’m not the kind of person that goes on about the weather, but it’s so strange to think that this time last year the UK was covered under a thick blanket of snow to the point that schools were shut, flights were cancelled and people were pretty much staying in doors; while this year it’s still fairly sunny and at times a little warm.
My local supermarket carpark...or is it?
I love the light created by snow; how all of a sudden your ordinary drab grey street is suddenly a huge reflective mass. It creates the most incredible scenery.
Heidi should be around here somewhere...
One of my sisters lives in Switzerland where in winter the landscape lives up to the stereotypes typical on winter themed Christmas cards; snowcapped mountains, people skating on frozen lakes and wooden chalets covered in twinkling fairy lights.

Thinking about this made me remember the bottle of Glamour Dust I bought a few months back to help with my glitter book. It’s an ultrafine grade of glitter with an extreme iridescent quality (I bought it in Hobbycraft). It’s mainly used for cardmaking but can also be ironed on to fabric, making it one of the most versatile glitters I’ve come across.
Pondering this idea of snow and light I decided to make some snowy nightlight holders – though any glass containers will do. I had two plain votive holders at home but washed and cleaned jam jars work just as well, and rather than nightlights, can hold larger candles inside.

Have a go yourself!
You’ll need:
Glass jar
PVA glue
Glamour Dust (in 'crystal')
Fine Tip Applicator (or other container with a fine nozzle that helps you apply glue in very fine lines)
Fill the applicator with PVA glue and freehand draw designs on your glass container. If you’re not happy doing this then draw your designs on paper first, place them inside the glass and then apply the glue on top, the paper will act as a template, guiding you.

As the lines are so fine, they will dry quickly so hold the jar above some paper and sprinkle Glamour Dust all over, ensuring all the glue is covered.  Leave it to dry and pour the Dust back inside the bottle by folding your paper in half to create a channel in the centre, allowing the Dust to fall in. 
 When dry, rub a soft cloth or tissue over your glass jar to remove excess Dust and then place your candles or nightlights inside, and watch the warming glow, while daydreaming about far away snowy lands…until it finally lands on these shores!
 (Apologies the images aren't very good, it's hard to shoot white glitter on glass in poor light after midnight...but I can assure you they look impressive in real life AND create patterned shadows!)

1 comment:

  1. You gave me a bit of a fright with the snowy picture, I thought snow already!!! So pleased to read that was lst year.

    I'm liking the candle holders.