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Tuesday 29 May 2012

My So Called Life episode 2

1. Dressing up
If I could blog every day I would! But the truth is as much as I try and record my life on these webpages, only 1/2 of what I actually get up to makes it on here. So every now and then I do a round-up of random things I've been up to (to help me remember more than anything!)
Here's the Top 10 of the last couple of months....starting with dyeing my hair black.....
OK. Not quite! It's actually a Japanese wig. I wore a gorgeous Japanese kimono too that I wanted to take home with me, but sadly it wasn't mine, it belonged to The Geffrye Museum dress up rail!
2. New hair
I recently gave away the secrets of my hair colouring. The latest shade I had done two weeks ago at the Toni & Guy Academy was this rather fabulous raspberry pink. (I can still call myself a redhead though!)
3. London Marathon
For the last 5 years, Barney and I have stood on the streets of Greenwich and cheered on the marathon runners. He gets lots of attention, mainly runners shouting out 'BARNEY' at the tops of their voices or shaking his hand. But as yet we have still never seen anyone dressed up as the giant purple dinosaur : (
4. Oni & Adrian's wedding
Remember when it was snowing recently? Well I was at a friend's wedding in Wales. I know everyone says this about their friends but she really was the most beautiful bride I've ever seen (and that comes from someone who has been working on a wedding magazine for the last two years....I've seen a lot of weddings!) More photos here.
5. My sister's 1st stall
I was very proud of my sister who held her first craft market stall (yes crafting does run in the genes.) The market was part of a new creative venture in our home town in North London and marked the opening of the local park which for years had been a no-go area but is now light and welcoming AND has a water fountain. Her online shop is looking good too.
6. Tile painting workshop
I've still been doing some craft teaching but it's reduced a lot due to every one cutting their budgets. (Not good times for us freelance arts & crafts practitioners..hence the reason I have so many jobs on the go at once!) But I did lead a fun tile design session at The Geffrye Museum as part of their Stories of the World project. 
7.Meeting My Life Story
I've been living out all my 14 year old fantasies (real My So Called Life stuff). I recently met the members of My Life Story who all signed an old 7 inch sleeve for me when they reformed for the 15th anniversary of The Golden Mile Album (who were supported by Martin Rossiter from Gene). I also met Jonny, the singer of Menswear when he was djing at Nuisance (the only clubnight where proper Britpop lives on), met Marion (all members apart from Jaime Harding - that will have to keep being a fantasy!) and next week the singer of Strangelove Patrick Duff is in town. These bands probably don't mean anything to anyone apart from me, but I can assure you it is VERY exciting! 
8.Mentoring with Creatives Against Poverty
I've recently joined an organisation who mentor underprivileged school kids. It's very sad but rewarding stuff. It's hard to understand what they go through until you actually meet and spend time with young people and very sad to witness 10 year old girls bullying each other, swearing and talking about drugs : ( But on a plus side we have been bringing some magic into their lives and working with their mums to help them achieve their dreams. Here's Helen  Parker-Jayne Isibor a Nigerian singer who is the lead mentor - her dress sense is amazing!
9. Flag spotting
Ok so I haven't actually been out flag spotting but was rather amazed to discover these 'Craft is Great flags' flying over Oxford street. They actually say Craft is Great Britain....with Britain in teeny letters. Am defo loving the fact bunting is everywhere at the minute : ) 
10. Planning The Make Escape
Finally tonight sees the launch of a new craft night I'll be hosting/curating alongside the fabulous Rosie Martin. It's a chance to spread the crafty love around London (well east London anyway!). I'm keeping a separate blog for that (yep I'm now a 2 blog girl!). Check it out to find out more.

No doubt My So Called Life episode 3 will follow in a couple of months times but before that, you can keep up to date with me on Twitter for more instant gossip! 


  1. Craft night at The Make Escape was awesome! I look forward to the next one.
    And I saw someone in a Barney suit at the Marathon!!