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Friday 1 June 2012

Me in The Metro and my new Bollywood Jewellery collection...

Yesterday I was in The Metro - a free London newspaper - talking about me, my clothes, my inspiration and dreams - I even revealed some secrets too! 
The article is available online so if you missed it you can read it here.
I had the photoshoot a few weeks ago at The Metro offices in Kensington and I was really pleased that the lovely Bel Jacobs who edits the page let me choose my fave two photos from the shoot - she then made the final choice. It was amusing looking at lots of photos of me and trying to notice the difference between them - was my knee pointing too much in one photo...was my smile a bit too cheesy?
 My friend Sohail who is an amazing photographer tweeted a photo of what the article looks like on an Ipad which was interesting as I've still had very limited access to them. I've only been near my nephews, who's 5, but when I saw him over Christmas he was more interested in using it to play games with my brother-in-laws than letting me have a peak! 
Choosing what to wear was easy but knowing how to accessorise was the hard part. I have so much to choose from! I wanted to use the space to promote some of my favourite designers. The amazing clutch bag I'm holding (here's a better close up) was made from an upcycled rice bag by handbag designer ReddSkinGyal.
While the fascinator which is obscured in the paper was this incredible Bat Girl fascinator by Janine Basil who's work I LOVE!
I'm also wearing a necklace that features in my new jewellery collection. I love Bollywood & I love jewellery so clearly I had to make some Bollywood jewellery!
My initial launch range consists of statement pendants and brooches.
Each phrase has special film connotations. This one is in hommage to Helen and is the one I'm wearing in the Metro.
The term 'Desi Girl' was popularised in Dostana a few years back.
 I've always loved the phrase 'Filmi' it's a good way to descibe things that are a bit strange or surreal but could happen in the realm of Bollywood! 'It's just so filmi yar......'
All the pieces are for sale ranging from £7.50-£12 and are handmade by me! 
All in all it was a fun and surreal experience and I'm really pleased with the article and the photo. It's a good record of me at 31 and a great confidence boost for what I do.

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