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Saturday 19 September 2015

The Handmade Fair 2015 - Live Craft Mash Up

It was a case of Knitter vs Glitter this weekend as I returned to Kirstie Allsop's Handmade Fair as one of her Craft Experts to take part in Friday's Live Craft Mash Upsponsored by Mollie Makes magazine and HobbyCraft, and this time I was up against the fabulous (and feline friendly) Deadly Knitshade. We were both given a plain polysterene wreath to decorate, in front of a live audience in just 45 minutes.

In advance of the Mash Up we were asked what materials we'd like, I opted for the stuff I love best: sparkles, spangles, glitter, confetti, sequins and lots and lots of gemstones, while Deadly Knitshade brought in yarn (obviously!)

As she wound her wreath with a pre-knitted fluro magenta panel, I got messy decoupaging the base - both of us crafted while being interviewed by our Mollie Makes host.

I hadn't tested out my design, just did a few sketches and developed a concept, inspired by both of our mops. DK is usually seen with blue hair while I'm currently rocking purple and green. Together we are a human peacock so I took my lead from that and whipped up a themed wreath.

Due to time restraints it wasn't the neatest of craft projects but I did manage to cover the base, create some giant peacock eyes lined with sequin trim and filled them in with think confetti glitter, stick on lots of gems (whilst also welding some onto the table), before completing my design with a feature section made from peacock feathers and my piece-de-resistance, a felt peacock which I had stitched the night before in front of the telly.

Meanwhile Ms Knitshade transformed hers into a monster door knocker complete with bulging eyes and slithery bits.

The Knitter just pipped the Glitter to the post and Deadly Knitshade was crowned the champion of the Mash Up. 

 I loved her creation and was pleased with mine too - I'm going to hang it proudly in my pad somewhere. 

Think you don't have time to craft? Although we both did a wee bit of prep, we still managed to create crafty showstoppers in under an hour, see, it's possible! 

Afterwards we hung out at the Fair, hooked up with some fellow crafters including knitter Louise Walker, printer Zeena Shah and animatronics/designer maker for film and TV, Emma Brassfield. I also had a good old natter with some other crafty folk which was superb.

A fine afternoon of living the crafty life. I have a few more craft events appearing in my diary in the lead up to Christmas which is nice, including guesting at my local WI, hopefully running a workshop for a well-known brand and possibly recording a video too. Exciting!

Thanks to Lauren & Emma for taking most of these pics - if you were at The Handmade Fair at Hampton Court, I hope you had fun and extra special thanks to everyone who came to see us : ) 

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