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Friday 23 October 2015

The Best Vintage Clothes Shop In London (well the cheapest anyway!)

The other day my colleague popped in the office and told me he'd just seen a sign for a vintage fashion shop where you can stock up as much as you want for a tenner. We've been located near Mile End for the last five months and I can honestly say that despite the proximity to the park and canal there is NOTHING HERE, so to discover there is a clothes shop for me to hang out in was music to my ears. And he wasn't wrong. I popped in a few days later and found myself lost in a warehouse filled with clothes and when I say filled, I mean FILLED!
Taken from Mile End Vintage's Instagram account
Mile End Vintagestore does indeed work by a 'stock up on what you want' policy. You take either a small bag (which is still huge) or a large bag, fill it up with whatever you want for either £10 or £20 and that's it, done deal, a whole new wardrobe for less than a weekly travelcard. There are some rails of 'priced items' but they won't break the bank.

I popped in one lunch hour and only managed to make a dent in the stock, I didn't even get a chance to fill a bag. 

But's here's what I did take home:

3 Dresses

Sixties launderette chic
Seventies Hippy Dippy

Eighties power dress
1 knitted tank top

2 Scarves

1 jacket* 

NOT PHOTOGRAPHED YET! (check back soon!)

*it's pink wool, was a bit big for me, so I am currently having it taken in by six inches so it's nice and fitted!
ALL THIS BOOTY FOR THE GRAND SUM of £6!!!!!! Yes £6 and it's all good quality stuff.

I've been to ALOT of vintage clothing emporiums in my time, I used to live in Brighton, home of vintage chic and I spend a lot of time in Brick Lane, the heart of vintage in London. Generally the stores are colourful, creatively decorated with retro music blaring out of speakers and the costs vary from 'that's pretty good' to 'hmmm should I really spend that much?'.

Taken from Mile End Vintage's Instagram account
Take away all the styling and fanfayre and what really matters is the clothes, and Mile End has plenty. 1/3 warehouse, 1/3 market stall and 1/3 shop, it really is a proper bargain hunter's paradise and if you have time on your hands you really can dig deep and discover incredible finds.

It's a clean and spacious setting and there are several changing rooms. The team also offer an alteration service so if the dress you find is too long or jacket not figure hugging enough they can sort that out for you. Most exciting of all though is that stock changes regularly AND they hold regular £1 sales at weekends.....including this weekend 23rd and 24th October. Which translates as buying clothes for £1. £1.

Taken from Mile End Vintage's Instagram account
There are a variety of styles from different genres and decades in stock, for guys and girls. Above are some happy shoppers from their last Pound Sale.

I called this post 'The Best Vintage Clothes Shop' in London and I believe this because going there is a proper shopping experience. 

It's not about beautifully pressed frocks hanging on lace covered hangers beside a jukebox....this is rifling through a neverending car boot sale where treasure could be anywhere. And when you  discover something you like that , there's a great sense of achievement that you don't get from ordinary shopping.

Yes there are plenty of vintage shops, markets, fairs and boutiques in London but they are so predictable. At Mile End Vintagestore however you really don't know what you'll find.

 It gets my thumbs up and I recommend making the trip here when you can. Now then, when am I next going back? *consults diary*

Mile End Vintagestore, 452-454 Robeson Street, London, E3 4JA. Follow their social media to find out about their £1 sales, next one Sat Oct 23rd and Sun Oct 24th 2015. 
Usual hours are 11am-6pm and 2pm-7pm Fridays. 

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