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Wednesday 30 June 2010

The Great Apron Swap 2010

The brainchild of New Zealand based crafter Sarah 'Red' Gingham, The Great Apron Swap 2010 was inspired by this book which shows you how to sew lovely aprons (I discovered it in the Borders closing down sale as so was pleased to see it getting some recognition.)
A few months ago she challenged bloggers from all over the world to make an apron and swap it with someone else. In total 81 ladies took part (she doesn't mention the men so I'm guessing there were no male entrants!)

The partner I was allocated was Jenny author of crafty blog Oh Joh and who lives in Australia. 

I was super excited when the parcel arrived, it's so fun knowing you've got a new item to own that's all yours: 

After ripping open the envelope I was greeted by a lovely note on a cute Russian Doll postcard and then came the apron.....

Wow, it's so pink, so me!! The motifs are based on an aboriginal design,  the ties are adjustable so it can be worn by anyone. All in all it's fantastic quality and absolutely gorgeous. I am going to wear it for years to come : )

I'm not sure what she thinks of mine yet, something went wrong in the making. It's a Bollywood Apron made of sari offcuts and trims but it shrunk in the sewing process and became child size - luckily she has girls who will hopefully appreciate it!!

Such a brilliant idea, I especially love how the response was international.
Thanks Sarah for a superb blogger project, loved being part of it! 


  1. What a cool apron!! It matches your hair perfectly! Gosh you write a good post, it made me feel like someone really important. Thank you for participating and having a fun time with the rest of us. Oh and I love the apron you made too. It doesn't look small in the photo at all. Great trims on it.

  2. I Love your bolly apron, i'd wear it around around my kitchen in a heartbeat